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... the house is built? Unfortunately, we won't have time to build retaining walls between demolition and the house construction Metricon Liberty 45 in Ryde NSW viewtopic.php?t=82846
344 Replies22 Aug, 2016 05:44pm
My Metricon Bordeaux 56 build
... Contract price - 980K * Swimming pool - Compass Pools The original home: Start of the demolition; Cleared block: Digging the hole for the lap pool. 12X2.5m Craning the pool into ...
262 Replies21 Aug, 2016 01:29am
SJD Homes. Who's built with them.
... 04/07/2016 section29a consent to demolish approved 29/05/2016 colour selection ... Electricity meter removed 21/07/2016 demolition quotes 05/08/2016 asset protection ...
314 Replies18 Aug, 2016 10:36pm