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Building At Edmondson Park
... we've dealt with enough builders and construction crews to take this on ourselves. I'm drafting the plans, he's taking care of the engineering side, and then we'll approach a ...
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First time builders, Home Group WA
We finalised pre start today and are now being processed into drafting
95 Replies03 May, 2016 06:22pm
Boutique Homes
... I did request these drafts prior to the PwC signing... Which was impossible as the 'draftsmen wasn't in'. So that's my mini stress, I am all new to this and young so don't ...
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Drafting Tip

When it comes to the foundations, solid ground-bearing concrete slabs are the preferred option. When looking at suspending the floors, beware that this could cause further problems as they will need to be cleaned out after a flood. If you do need to suspend the floors, pay close attention to the air bricks required for ventilation purposes.
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