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McDonald Jones Homes - The new thread
... have improved greatly. We had our plans lodged with CDC only to find out 4 weeks later drafting got it wrong and we are not eligible and now need to go through Council (another ...
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Coral Homes - Manhattan Project
... something to work on. The output I got from Floorplanner was sent to Coral Homes for drafting. 2D Output: 3D Output:
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Masterton Homes - The next thread 4.0
... that we had to constantly chase. He also told them how slow and incompetence the drafting department was through the whole process and given another chance we would not ...
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Drafting Tip

When it comes to the foundations, solid ground-bearing concrete slabs are the preferred option. When looking at suspending the floors, beware that this could cause further problems as they will need to be cleaned out after a flood. If you do need to suspend the floors, pay close attention to the air bricks required for ventilation purposes.
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