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Living room assistance needed
... there, thus saving a bit of space. I too was facing this dilemma when I consulted an interior design firm who helped me choose the right furniture and decor for my living room.
5 Replies30 Aug, 2016 04:16pm
Living room wall decoration tips
... that blend well with the furniture and the interiors. When I renovated my home, an interior design firm, Nitido Designs, helped me select the correct decor for my home and ...
2 Replies30 Aug, 2016 03:53pm
My Metricon Bordeaux 56 build
... that would deviate from the display home. After all, it's like I'm getting a free interior designer. What I've discovered is that Metricon cannot build you the Bordeaux exactly ...
264 Replies24 Aug, 2016 11:15pm

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Interior design projects can take some time to implement, so it’s important to be organised.
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