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GJ Gardner Mandalay 338
... landscaping is the bore (which is already been done) but we also will need a pump and irrigation (I'm not spending thousands on turf just to have it die in summer!!) Our Bore ...
380 Replies15 Jul, 2016 06:46am
KDRB Metricon Glendale 38 (Sydney) - We are in!
Woke up to this pooling of water from the irrigation drip feed. The landscaper sent a few emails. ... including an @busive and threatening email. We had ...
2,576 Replies13 Jul, 2016 04:19pm
Landscape Inspiration & Design Concepts
Near parramatta. Just got finished with landscaping (nightmare ) Need to fix irrigation through a licensed urban irrigation plumber. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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