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Our First Build - GJ Gardener Bridgewater
... update on the new house - we are now LOCKED OUT. Which is good as it means now the locks are all installed - but sucks as now I can only see inside when someone is there. ...
1,055 Replies25 Aug, 2016 09:25pm
Building with Metricon
... front door does M install the handle and locks onto the door prior to delivery onsite? ... on the door while on site by the locksmith? @Orph Build thread: viewtopic.php?t=78328 ...
4,308 Replies20 Aug, 2016 07:04pm
Home Technology Hub
Been looking at front door locks, electric strikes & pin/card access. Was playing with a Samsung pin/card in bunnings. I like it! Sent from my ...
342 Replies19 Aug, 2016 11:44pm