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10 h10 hbashworthbashworth posted:
cloverlea retaining walls

If the builder is responsible for the retaining wall he can ensure that the wall is appropriately designed for the building to be close,
If the wall is already there its…

22 h22 hbashworthbashworth posted:
Stormwater pipes in driveway/concretes paths

I would be quite happy to see them packed around with aggregate.

3 d3 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Concrete Reinforcement

Reinforcement isn't necessary as long as all the other elements of good design and quality control are followed.
I've designed unreinforced concrete paving that has been used for Jumbo Jets for…

4 d4 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Concrete slab over deck footings (pour at same time)

I don't really see why you need footings and a slab.
If it were me I would
Forget the three footings holes on the left
Leave the slab where it is.
Fix the…

6 d6 dbashworthbashworth posted:
What is with the upgrade of doors ?

In practically every business the bigger margins are on upgrades.
That applies to MacDonalds -Upsize your meal and you will pay a dollar or more for what costs them.
Buying a car…

8 d8 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Owner building out of surburbia, need help

Bottled gas is about the most expensive and least efficient fuels in Australia. Check out this link:
In your situation I would go for electic, Possibly solar if the cost…

11 d11 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Final Inspection: is handovers.com good?

Anyone who is paid for by your builder isn't independent.
They may be a separate company but they aren't going to argue on your behalf against the guys that send them…

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11 d11 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Electrical Appointment - What Would You Do?

There is quite a lot of advice at this link:

14 d14 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Which upgrades decrease new home value?

Rather than look at individual items find out what the average sale price of a property in your area is.
Anything that takes you over that price is unlikely to add…

16 d16 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Swimming Pool construction in Sydney prior building construc

I recently posted about this on my blog at :

19 d19 dbashworthbashworth posted:
How much emphasis should you put into your R Value?

probably the biggest change for me has been to limit the window sizes. This was a no cost change and increased my last house by almost a one star rating.

22 d22 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Heating a 7 star house

I would be going for the RC heating as its about 3 times as efficient as electric in slab.
On sunny days you will get sun warming the slab, and running…

22 d22 dbashworthbashworth posted:
Difference in advertisement and inclusions

If they are dishonest at this stage, and you get into a legal situation as soon as as you have paid the deposit then I can't see the build going…

22 d22 dbashworthbashworth posted:
new home

Well I have had 3 new houses over the time and found it worthwhile.
Each time I have looked at existing houses but in the end found all the ones I…

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30 d30 dbashworthbashworth posted:
PCI inspection Perth

Its your house that you have paid a lot for so you are in your rights to inspect whatever you want.
I can't help you with recommendations of Perth Inspectors but…

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Solar Power Energy

I have just installed a solar power system and written about it at this link
On the page there is also a Link to Solar Quotes who have a…

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Builder GJ Logan busted - going through QBCC

There is a series of posts about builders going bust at this link:

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Stormwater pit in new estate

You need to talk to the council (the drainage authority) who will be the owners of the pit.

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
What is the best window covering to protect your bedroom?

Probably a shade sail in front of window. Could be less than $100 including fixing for a large window
Or reflective window film see link for price https://www.bunnings.com.au/pillar-prod…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
First time building, suspicious prestart quotes

Basically the builders keeps the basic price of the house down, but then want to make a profit on the upgrades.
Typically they charge a higher price then put something in…

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1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Provisional Allowances

There is a guide to provisional sums at this link:

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Will This Be Structurally Sound?

It needs to be cross braced, or the corners made more rigid.(say have a diagonal section at each corner about 1m down the post to about 1m along each post.

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Retaining wall responsibility

Check this link for some information on fairness.
http://anewhouse.com.au/2012/06/retaini ... -fairness/

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Home - Shipping container home or normal house?

A couple of things:
Do his friends, who suggested it, live in container houses...if not what makes it a good, rather than an interesting idea.
I would want to visit a couple…

1 month1 monthbashworthbashworth posted:
Builder Stopped Communication -- What to do?

Your contract should have the builders address on it, so pay that a visit.
No result . . . talk to a lawyer.

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Builder Stopped Communication -- What to do?

At lock up the house is really only half finished so the lack of action is a concern (Although not much tends to happen in the building industry between 23rd…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Subfloor supports: what are they used for?

If the floor joists span a considerable distance they may be strong enough to carry the load but may deflect noticeably as you walk across the floor.
Rather than redo the…

2 months2 monthsbashworthbashworth posted:
Pros and cons of demolishing whole block

It's not only digging the builder will need space to store materials.
The less working space the higher his costs which get passed it on to you.



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