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7 d7 dCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Mojo Homes

Yes, those subway looking tiles for Bathrooms are also more expensive extra $600.

2 months2 monthsCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Internal NBN box and temp in the garage during Summer

I really struggle to understand also why they don't choose a diffrent location.
In terms of causing problems it's and obvious yes, as any electronic device will always be affected…

3 months3 monthsCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Mojo Homes

OK thanks 🖒

3 months3 monthsCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Mojo Homes

So does everyone need a landscaping plan or only some councils require them?

3 months3 monthsCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Mojo Homes

Yes we know when we lookup a Switch/NIC/etc... it is technically 10/100/1000Mbps but also referred to as even 10/100/1000Mb or even 10/100/1000M, so we move on...
So you are claiming it's…

3 months3 monthsCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Mojo Homes

VLAN would be an overkill but to balance the traffic it would be much better if you want to separate you IP cameras from your main network (subnet).
In regards to…

3 months3 monthsCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Mojo Homes

I highly recommend you to not mix IP cameras with you Data network you will have an extremely slow network, especially is they all connect to a switch instead of…

3 months3 monthsCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Anyone bought in Emerald Hills Leppington NSW?

Very nice area just didn't tick the box due to the high tension towers circulating the estate, studies claim 1km distance to be safe. Same with Gregory Hills and Gledswood…

5 months5 monthsCrownleyianCrownleyian posted:
Building with Hudson Homes

I'm really sad to hear this, people put so much money of what they little have in some cases to have their dream home treated like this is a disgrace.…

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