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Melbourne, Australia
Joined 9 December 2003
12 d12 dDani_JDani_J posted:
Our Custom Hamptons Inspired Home

Hi everyone
Since we are now a few weeks from our site start, thought it was time to share my experience with you lovely people who have been an inspiration and…

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12 d12 dNan75Nan75 posted:
Thank you Homeone Forum :D

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support given by each one of you... (Lisanne for her beautiful blog, Fu Manchu for landscaping, Michelle for…

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12 d12 djolesjoles posted:
Thank you Homeone Forum :D

That's lovely of you nan75. Building is quite an experience... I'm not sure how anyone gets through it without H1. ::hyst::
Enjoy your home!

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12 d12 dozeoze posted:
Thank you Homeone Forum :D

I want to add my thanks too. This forum totally rocks!!!
I seriously could not have done it without you all either. I could write a book with the amount priceless…

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12 d12 dPeteKPeteK posted:
Our Metricon Duxton 39- Coastal Facade

We never meant to buy a block of land...
Living in Melbourne, regular visits to our fave place Torquay were frequent over Summer. On a quick Winter visit back in…

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15 d15 dChristoshizzChristoshizz posted:
Sloping Narrow build inner Melb. PLUMBING IN!!

Got our building permit today. Very happy!! We can now finally make a start after 3 long years of waiting.
So far I've signed off the hydronic system, and window…

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25 d25 dbuildXbuildX posted:
How to add an avatar?

Thanks for the quick help!

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1 month1 month
View: Rheem Stellar Water Heaters Provide Hot Water for…
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1 month1 month
View: 5 expert styling tips for the perfect master suite…
1 month1 monthMichelleMichelle posted:
The new look forum - NICE!!!

My fist time back for a brief minute, and look whats happened!
Love the new look! Well done Homeone!! :)
2017 started off extremely busy for…

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1 month1 monthneedsausernameneedsausername posted:
Charlibear's Build - Week 9 Frames still not up...

Fantastic! It's all happening now :)

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1 month1 monthRegVicRegVic posted:
Building Metricon Glendale 42 Limited Edition in Geelong

Looking nice Kylz...

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1 month1 monthAshik_09Ashik_09 posted:
Porter Davis homes

PieMan, your place looks fantastic!!!
We are building Hebel. Lucky enough to get free under a lifestyle promotion.
Te render looks fantastic.
You just have to be more careful around it.
We had…

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1 month1 monthWhitey22Whitey22 posted:
Coral Homes general build thread

Thanks a million :)

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2 months2 monthsMarshall5858Marshall5858 posted:
Help! 2-3m slope in land map. Site cost!!

Hi, we originally put a deposit down on a block with a 2m drop
As you can see in the pic, you can see that there is a slight dip but…

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2 months2 months
View: Functional Family Bathroom
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2 months2 months
View: The Rinnai Infinity 26  Taking Care of Your Hot…
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5 months5 months
View: Decorative concrete
6 months6 monthsSTAINLESSSTAINLESS posted:
First Home Build - Carlisle Homes - Matisse 33 - Clyde Vic.

Hi all,
Very excited to introduce myself as a first time new home builder.
After the 12+ months visiting all the display villages around the state and looking over maybe every single…

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