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15 h15 hJokerJoker posted:
Wonderful news- a diabolical dispute settled!

In today's world, building is like playing Russian roulette,as most people will go to display villages to pick a home, then they will sign away happily thinking they have…

5 d5 dJokerJoker posted:
Cupboards Or Drawers?

Have got 18 draws, 16 doors, use draws 90% of the time, as kitchen bits N pieces used regularly are much easier to get from draws, if you have a…

5 d5 dJokerJoker posted:
Tile company charging for different tile lay pattern

Thought subway tiles pattern was very standard, maybe because there so small compared to today's large style tiles, it might take more time.

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6 d6 dJokerJoker posted:
Project builder, custom builder or owner builder

Paid a set fee to owner build to a project manager, got top trades and really good prices, would have cost me more if I had not got project manager…

7 d7 dJokerJoker posted:
How do you choose a custom builder?

Custom builder often has upgrades that are already in his quote, and generally will have better structural built homes, the more add ons you have the closer the prices …

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9 d9 dJokerJoker posted:
Can you recommend a handheld vacumme?

If you ask many vacuum cleaner retailers, especially ones who sell multiple brands including brands that are not heavily advertised, Dyson are no where near the best, and if…

10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
MBA Building Services- building inspector

Builders inspection is of little value to you as he will be on builders side due to protecting his own business interests, he basically works for builder, would get…

10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
Ducted aircon through builder

I would talk to aircon guys, no matter what, surly contract doesn't say, can't talk to trades, builder can't stop you getting other services from aircon guys, and you can't…

10 d10 dJokerJoker posted:
Which upgrades decrease new home value?

It's not really that they don't value the extras, it's more that they are valuing the property extremely conservatively so their risk is less, definitely going to…

12 d12 dJokerJoker posted:
Pressure from builder to sign contracts

He'll no, don't sign, or you will hear, you signed the contract, imagine the mistakes you will cop if theirs that many now.
Insist all mistakes are fixed and get…

13 d13 dJokerJoker posted:
How much basement will cost

Built on a sloping block,and single story house with garage underneath at front and a massive storeroom 3 times the size of our double garage joined on to garage,depends…

14 d14 dJokerJoker posted:
Which upgrades decrease new home value?

Pool adds no value as plenty won't buy with a pool, size counts also as one of agents or valuers first question is, how big is it.
Quality of build,…

17 d17 dJokerJoker posted:
Shipment from China

Shops pay rent, council rates sometimes 5 x home rates, gst, accountancy bills of thousands, body corps 3 x 8 times home body corps, wages, super, storage, transport, these…

17 d17 dJokerJoker posted:
Shipment from China

You say local shops riping people off, I say not the case

18 d18 dJokerJoker posted:
Custom Coral Homes Bronte..We are in... DRIVEWAY

My god, that list, wanted to crush my phone as it just wouldn't end, imagine if it was my list, would want to block…

19 d19 dJokerJoker posted:
Will an Interest rate change impact Project Home Prices

No doubt your right, especially with so many low deposits, 20 percent deposit leaves some huge loans, especially hard when kids come along.
Prices with project builders are good, but…

23 d23 dJokerJoker posted:
New fences - before or after build?

Better after, as site access is harder once fencing is up.

23 d23 dJokerJoker posted:
Breaks in Drainage Pipe

Find out best practice by speaking to some experienced plumbers, Google for information as well, this way you will know a cheap fix, builder has done right thing…

24 d24 dJokerJoker posted:
new home build price breakdown

Plastering seems way too high, as I had a 45 square house done with 4step cornice for a fraction of that, quality was excellent, your brick quotes would be easier…

26 d26 dJokerJoker posted:
Custom Coral Homes Bronte..We are in... DRIVEWAY

Your homes looking great, reckon mud is new home owners worst enemy, but a shoe shops best friend.
Your got a nice big square backyard, ours is bits…

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26 d26 dJokerJoker posted:
Watersun homes

Watersun homes has been forced to shut shop, over 300 homes have been left unfinished, deposits were still been taken last week, company couldn't finish builds due to insufficient funds,…

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Building house to lock up in Melbourne

You could fully owner build, but with a project manager, you will get better quotes this way and quality of trades generally better as project manager knows his better tradesman,…

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Household Chores List

All floors twice a week,
Showers, beds, kitchen, surfaces daily as used, most other jobs on weekends as needed.
I dedicate set times and make lists as seen, but also…

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Sinkhole, problem resolving and finding expert

Thought that sites like rubbish tips always had problems, such as methane gas leaks and that ground movement's were common, sounds like your current problems are moderate for such…

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Ceiling height tolerance

Pm( be) , he will know.

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Tile underlay

I would take plenty of pictures including pictures of adhesive used, this way you have evidence for future.

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
My double glazed windows fro China

What were the final cost savings once installation has been factored in, maybe, 25%.

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:
Pepperwood Brick on Natural Mortar

Ask austral for locations, then have a look at actual homes.

1 month1 monthJokerJoker posted:

Picking a builder can be like buying a lottery ticket, but like buying a lottery ticket, you can increase your chances of picking a better builder, it's no certainty but…

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