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BluePrint Pre-Start Fees Question
Hey, Semiframeless shower screens are around 300AUD. I would wait until after H/o to do lights. what costs you 150 now it will cost you 100 later ...
10 Replies28 Jun, 2015 06:38pm
Ben Trager Sunshine Burns Beach Build
... feature wall of bathroom. Rubbish job in laundry splashback... Waiting for retile but shower screens have since gone in so hoping they pull that out before they re attempt Sent ...
337 Replies27 Jun, 2015 10:21pm

Bathrooms Tip

Not only stylish, but eco-friendly and durable too, this next generation of back-to-wall toilet suite boasts an impressive 4-star WELS rating averaging 4.5 litres per full flush and 3 litres per half-flush.
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