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Our First Build - GJ Gardener Bridgewater
... door, upgraded floor wastes (that need special order), extra noggins, upgrading shower screen heights and shower head heights, upgrade of cladding to decking board, robe ...
1,043 Replies17 Jul, 2016 08:16pm
Metricon Glendale 37+
Shower screens: so we went with the frameless shower screens but spotted that the heads seem higher than the screens and screens are ...
NRyde Glendale37+NRyde Glendale37+
331 Replies16 Jul, 2016 06:26am

Bathrooms Tip

Not only stylish, but eco-friendly and durable too, this next generation of back-to-wall toilet suite boasts an impressive 4-star WELS rating averaging 4.5 litres per full flush and 3 litres per half-flush.
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