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Coral Homes general build thread
... and it doesn't actually look too bad but that's dependant on colour and how good the stone mason is. C U S T O M. C O R A L. B R O N T E. 43
6,984 Replies24 Aug, 2016 06:30am
Landscape Inspiration & Design Concepts
... use for the retaining walls such as: 1. Concrete or timber sleepers 2. Hebel panels 3. Masonry blocks 4. Besser blocks/bricks and getting them cement/acryllic rendered. 5. Timber ...
356 Replies22 Aug, 2016 09:09pm
caesarstone sleek concrete OR QQ Carbon matte
... fresh concrete and I'm just waiting to strike as I'll be begging and pleading with the stone mason to let us pay whatever it takes to change it. CS rep told me it's much harder ...
2 Replies20 Aug, 2016 01:20pm