3D Physical Modelling

3D Physical Modelling

3D Printed Rapid Prototyped Physical Modeling

This service provides unique state of the art technology utilizing the efficiency of 3D printing and laser cutting resulting in a 3D printed rapid prototyped physical model being more accurate than traditional model making methods. All this combined with dedicated and experienced model maker's results in a cost effective visualisation solution, bringing your designs to life, giving shape to your creation as a highly personalised custom physical model.

What is a 3D printer / rapid prototyper?

A 3D Printer is a machine that builds with a fine powder of polymer plaster mix making complex parts using data from 3D modelling software. Prototype designs that once had to be milled or moulded by hand can now be printed in a matter of hours.

All colours are possible. They are rendered in the best quality and render possible. We will do out best to translate them to file as close as possible.

There are no limitations to restrict on size of the model.

Please contact us for more information on this service and to obtain a quote on your next project....

Physical models are now the most efficient way to communicate the idea of shape and practicality to projects. Prior to 3D Printing the realisation of such models was long and highly priced. Budde Design can materialise your project in hours at a fraction of the cost of older methods. This can be done at any stage of the development. It will strengthen your presentations, detect conception issues early, and tremendiously enhance communication among designers, engineers and clients.

Budde Design takes your sketches, plans and ideas and convert them to the files necessary to create physical models.

Combining both the 3D Rendering service and 3D Physical modeling results in further cost savings on your projects art work and marketing material.