Getting Started: Planning For Your New Home

Getting Started: Planning For Your New Home

Building a new home, especially a custom designed home is a very exciting process indeed, and one that requires a great deal of planning, and of course saving!

With so many things to consider such as:
- Planning your budget
- Choosing where to live
- Designing your new home
- Working with your architect
- Working with your builder
- Selecting heating & cooling
- Selecting fittings and appliances
- Selecting colours and finishes and
- Designing your outdoor living

It's no wonder that from the outset this can seem a daunting process.

It’s one that as award winning custom home builders, Chateau hopes to minimise for clients and anyone who is undergoing this process.

There is some great advice from a wonderful resource called the Home Buyer’s Guide, which we would like to share with you. The guide has been prepared as a collaborative project between the Australian government and the building and design industry.

Over the coming weeks, we will look to share some of the highlights from this project sharing some of the 'golden nuggets' of information imperative to preparing you and helping you to manage what for many is one of the biggest project of their lives.

You might only do this once or twice so here’s your opportunity to create exactly what you want in your home.

Before you start out, it's important to determine what your priorities are.

What are your ‘must haves?’

You can imagine how easy it is to get carried away when looking to buy on beautiful and elaborate designs – all of these things and more are certainly attainable when you sign on to work with a luxury custom home builder like Chateau – However you really need to have the core of what you are after in mind.

Your must-haves are number one!

Example must have considerations are: Number of bedrooms, Number of bathrooms, other important features such as study/playroom etc. Don’t forget your budget – it’s a ‘must have’ as you start – all of these things need to fit into it, and we haven’t even arrived at design, fittings and furbishing etc, so be sure to leave some room.

Secondly, it’s a great idea to create a ‘wish list’. This list should include areas of great value to you or use to you.
Examples here include: Great sunlight aspects in winter, alfresco dining, pool/spa/sauna etc.

Friends and Family - the ever valuable resource:
It’s a great idea to ask friends and family about their own homes. How did they find the process? What do they love about their homes? What do they wish they had included? And what would they change if they could? Drawing from their insights and experiences is an invaluable way to spotting opportunities and watch-outs.

There are also many sources of information such as websites and magazines – architecture publications that might help you in your initial stages.

All of the above the help you to get a clear picture in mind. This can really help you to prioritise what you need, before you engage with your architect and builder. It will also help you determine what areas you value the most to help you plan.

Contact Chateau Architects + Builders at any stage in this process for an obligation free quote and to discuss your requirements, desires and dreams.

Every Chateau home is architect designed and custom built.