Hub of your home - Designing your kitchen

Hub of your home - Designing your kitchen

So much more that just somewhere you cook and clean, the kitchen is most definitely the hub of the modern home.

It’s a place to unwind and offload the tales of your day, as well as a place where you share some precious family moments.

When designing a new kitchen it’s worth keeping up with the latest in trends, as well as being aware of those gadgets and
high-tech appliances that help to make life easier. Consider things such as walk-in pantries, touch-close drawers, island benches and electric cook tops.


Before starting have a think about what has worked for you in the past with your current/previous kitchens, and what has perhaps irked you. In this way you can identify opportunities to make your life easier for example reducing clutter and what you know for certain you would like to avoid e.g. two sink basins instead of just the one. Your kitchen needs to be functional and practical as well as fitting for your family. Looking good, or going ultra-modern may not be what best serves you.

Some things to ask:
• How often are you using the kitchen? How much space will you need to move about while cooking?
• Do you have/need place for big scale appliances?
• Storage space such as pantry, drawer – consider finding a convenient home for everything, food and crockery
• What about preparation space?
• How do you intend to use the kitchen? Food only/prep and quick meals/space for the kids to do their homework.


There are also several options when it comes to selection the best floor plan for you and your family.

Kitchen Layout Design - L-Shape

This L-shaped kitchen runs along two adjoining walls, which allows for a good-sized workspace and ample storage.
It is still quite fluid if 2 or more people are cooking together. It’s also great for the solo chef. Usually the sink and fridge are
located on one wall with the oven/stove on the other. An island bench is also a great option for additional storage as well as
providing a place where family and friends can gather and socialize.

Kitchen Layout Design – Single Line

This design is also known as the straight line or one-wall kitchen. It is best suited to small homes and apartments. The kitchen runs along one wall, and appliances are situated under counters in order to maximize bench space. Overhead shelving allows for additional space overhead. If rooms allows for it, a floor-to-ceiling pantry is a valuable addition.

Kitchen Layout Design – U Shape

Making the most of the classic ‘work triangle’, this kitchen creates workspaces along three adjoining walls. Larger kitchens will allow for a dining table or island style bench at the centre. There is optimal bench and storage space with this design, and plenty of room to cook and prepare food with ease.

Kitchen Layout Design - The Gallery Kitchen

This style of kitchen requires less room for the u-shape so in this way is great for narrow spaces. You will find all cupboards and appliances positioned along two opposite walls. Experts advise that units on both sides be positioned around 2.5 to 3 metres apart. This allows space for two household chefs to be operating at the same time!

A qualified and experienced can advise you around what kitchen style and layout is best for you and your family. Take a look through our gallery of and see kitchen designs, the Chateau Architect and builders way..