Improve Your Homes Liveability with Dion Seminara Architecture

Improve Your Homes Liveability with Dion Seminara Architecture

Choosing the right architect for your project can be a daunting task. Whether you’re building a new home, or renovating or adding onto an existing home, you are making a major financial and lifestyle decision.

At Dion Seminara Architecture we understand how important this decision is, which is why we offer a Lifestyle Assessment as part of our range of services.

You see, we are more than just architects; we are lifestyle designers with over 20 years experience in the field of renovation and new home design. Our Lifestyle Assessment is a one on one consultation at your home, or the site of your intended home, which looks at all aspects of your project and how each of these will impact on your overall lifestyle.


Here is what you will receive as part of this service:

Current Lifestyle Requirements: Looking at your preferred lifestyle, your hobbies, interests and favourite pastimes. We consider how worthwhile your proposed renovations are with regard to maximising your lifestyle and the overall liveability of your home.

Future Lifestyle Requirements: Are you thinking about starting a family? Or perhaps you have school age children that will soon grow into teenagers? Or maybe you are approaching your retirement years? As part of this assessment we will look at likely changes in the future and how they might best be catered for in your current design.

Design Solutions: Based on your lifestyle needs we then look at design solutions that will ensure that your home offers you the highest levels of comfort and overall liveability.

Budget Assessments: It is important to understand what you can achieve with the budget you have allocated. As part of your Lifestyle Assessment we will look at your proposed project and give you some initial thoughts on how far your budget will stretch.

Capitalisation: Will your proposed project result in your property being over or undercapitalised? As part of this service we will assess capitalisation and the overall viability of your renovation or new home design in its entirety.

Honest Feedback: Years of experience has taught us that the thing that our clients value most is honest feedback, which is why we will challenge you if we don’t believe that a proposed change you are considering will be of benefit to you. You can rest assured that we will provide real direction to ensure that your project provides you with the maximum benefits in the long run.

Detailed Lifestyle Assessment Report: At the end of my assessment I will go away and prepare a written report based on our discussions. This will cover all aspects of the assessment, including viability and capitalisation observations.

A Lifestyle Assessment is vital to the overall success of your project with the potential to save you thousands of dollars and heartache that might otherwise occur with bad design decisions. And whilst this service does not include sketch design or any form of illustrations it ensures that when we get to the sketch design phase everything has been thought of and explored in detail.

Of course this is just one of the many services we offer. For those not wanting such a detailed assessment we also offer a verbal advice service which, whilst not being as in-depth, and not having a written report, still offers excellent value.

In addition to our Lifestyle Assessment we also offer a full sketch design and detailed drawing service, as well as taking care of all paperwork and relevant applications. You may also want us to source quotes on your behalf, or perhaps even have us manage your entire project for you, ensuring a stress-free build. We also specialise in eco-friendly designs that not only reduce the cost of running your home, but also assist the environment overall. So no matter what your building and design requirements, we have the skills and experience to ensure that your project is a raging success.

So if you want to maximise the liveability of your home then you simply must call us today on (07) 3899 9450.

For further information on any of our services, or to see examples of our work, please visit our website.


Dion Seminara is a registered architect with a builder’s license who specialises in design quality new homes and renovations that maximise the liveability of his clients homes.

  • 1990 – Bachelor of Architecture with Honours from Queensland University of Technology
  • 1991 – Registered Practicing Architect
  • 1992 – Licensed Home and General Building Contractor
  • Associated Member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA)
  • HIA member


  • 2006 Finalist in the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Renovation & Additions Award (projects over $250,000)
  • 2006 Finalist in the HIA Residential Building Designer of the Year Award
  • 2005 Winner of the HIA Renovation & Additions Award