Top 10 things to consider for your Luxury Bathroom

Top 10 things to consider for your Luxury Bathroom

The modern bathroom forms more of the intimate aspect of your home. It's your sanctuary; somewhere you can go to unwind, relax and feel beautiful. This is the feel of the luxury bathroom. Think high ceilings, heated flooring and towel racks, spa baths and gilded mirrors.

The practical functionality of the bathroom is not lost however. A bathroom can remain one for all the family, whilst still maintaining a touch of luxury.

Home Stratosphere featured 127 luxury bathroom designs for you to peruse - and there are some really great examples. You can also take a look at Chateau's own l designs on Pinterest.

Common to all of these fabulous examples in design are 10 features to keep in mind when desiging your own bathroom. Of couse all of these need to in addition to the obvious 'price factor'. Luxury bathroom features to consider include:

  1. The bath-tub: Claw, freestanding, sunken, jacuzzi-style, regular, medical, etc. Perhaps you prefer to just have a shower? Most luxury bathrooms tend to feature both a bathtub and shower..
  2. Shower: Separate from tub/or combined, all-glass or open, premium fixtures such as rain and side nozzles, tile or a fully encased shower, etc
  3. Vanity: one, two or more sinks and mirrors, vanity design, materials, wood, colour, faucet, basin style, etc
  4. Layout: Luxury bathrooms these days are increasing in size. Some are as big as traditional master bedrooms. How much space do you wish to dedicate to your bathroom?
  5. Lighting: Lighting can make or break a bathroom so be sure to research lighting options for your bathroom. There's nothing worse than not having the privacy to see your proper well lit reflection. Where possible maximise on natural light. You may also consider a dim light feature or the increasingly popular heat lamp.
  6. Toilet: Enclosed in an interior room - again this tends to be more popular, location within the bathroom, colour, brand, flush and style features are additional considerations.
  7. Spa features: Sauna, steam room/shower, spa bath for the ultimate luxury
  8. Windows: While it’s great to have natural light, it’s not so great to have the inside of your bathroom on display for your neighbourhood. If you have extensive windows, you may require window coverings. Skylights can be a good lighting feature for bathrooms for privacy reasons.
  9. Mirrors: Full-length or above vanity only? If you have the wall space, a full-length mirror can be very helpful unless you have a separate walk-in-closet/dressing room.
  10. Ventilation and natural light: Think about window placement & fans. Skylights can also make a beautiful bathroom feature.

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