3 Factors That Can Delay Your Bathroom Renovation

3 Factors That Can Delay Your Bathroom Renovation

Whenever we want to renovate a room in our home, we usually want it done quickly, neatly and with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Unfortunately when it comes to bathroom renovations, it can end up being inconvenient, especially if you only have one bathroom in your home. WA Bathrooms shares 3 factors that can delay your bathroom renovation.

Unexpected Complications

It’s all good and well to assume what you are going to uncover when you begin your bathroom remodel but until you actually get those 1970s tiles off the walls and see what’s underneath, you just don’t know. Any unplanned works with delay the timeframe for delivering your bathroom renovation on schedule. Consulting a professional bathroom renovator can help ensure you have the best idea of what kind of problems you may encounter and these can then be planned into the renovation timescale.

No Contingency Budget

Most renovation projects run into trouble where owners have drawn up a specific budget and allocated all their funds from the outset. It is always wise to reserve at least 10% of your budget to meet any unexpected costs which may arise during the bathroom renovation works. There is nothing worse than having to scrape together extra funds when you thought your budget was perfectly under control.

Last Minute Changes

It’s quite common that renovation works get under way and then owners decide to make a few tweaks. Amending tapware can have little to no impact on the finish date, but a change to layout or tiling choices may well delay your bathroom renovation. To avoid any last minute changes, make sure you are completely happy with the plans and designs chosen – consulting a professional bathroom designer will also help you make sure all your questions are answered and lessen the likelihood of plans being changed half way through a project.

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