4 Stunning Bathroom Design Trends For 2021

4 Stunning Bathroom Design Trends For 2021

2021 is your year to shine! And this means not just sprucing up yourself but also your surroundings. Take your bathroom for example - it is essential to not only afford you the privacy you need but also the comfort you deserve. Be it a minimalist style or a contemporary look, it’s great to have a bathroom that is appealing to the eye while making the most of its space.

Here’s a look at the trends for this year and how to incorporate them in your bathroom renovations in Adelaide.

1 - Fixtures and fittings

2021 has brought many styles—some new and some repurposed. Amongst the varieties available, there were three fixtures and fittings that particularly stood out and all of them are inventive versions of essentials.

Beginning with a soaking tub, this feature fills two needs with one deed. Free standing and flat-bottomed, these tubs offer extra-deep dimensions that allows its user to completely submerge in the water for relaxation while saving space as well. Due to its shape and size, you will not only need less water to fill it, but this also ensures the water stays warm longer, hence permitting for a longer bath time. If you have some money to splurge, options of including whirlpool and jet functions are also available with this feature.

In the same interest of saving space in compact bathrooms, remember to check out floating vanities. Mounted directly on walls, this fixture affords an uninterrupted flooring surface, thus allowing for an illusion of a wider and more open area while adopting contemporary qualities.

The final fixture to consider isn’t decorative but is nonetheless trending around the world and in complete bathroom renovations in Adelaide: high-tech or smart toilets. Boasting conveniences such as touch-free flushing, bidets, and self-closing lids, these features offer an enhanced bathroom experience to its users. Using less water than traditional toilets, high-tech toilets are also the ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers or those attempting to save on their utility bills.

2 - Tiles

Even if you’re looking for a minimalist or traditional design, wood falls within both of these categories. These conventional tiles for flooring reflect the impression of wood in every sense of the way; from how they’re made and what they’re made of, how they’re installed, as well as how they’re cleaned and maintained. While still looking remarkably like real hardwood, you can then achieve this natural elegance without any of the hassle typically associated with it.

In addition to tiles on the floor, tiling continues to be very popular on walls as well. Bathroom wall cladding with larger tiles are also trending right now due to the reduced grout lines that present an uninterrupted visual look while providing relief to the eyes.

3 - Décor

Backlit mirrors or medicine cabinets are an excellent choice that incorporates both functional and decorative themes. They provide a soothing night light if needed, but also would be a valuable lighting for makeup application.

Playing around with colours are a perfect way to brighten or switch up the ambience of your bathroom. Warm tones like reds, yellows and oranges evokes an air of energy while blues and greens are more pacifying. However, make sure to use high quality paint that would be durable to the wear and tear that is likely to occur with close proximity to water.

4 - Luxury additions

If you are looking to indulge, make sure to consider quartz countertops and heated floors. Providing a stunning centrepiece in any bathroom, quartz is durable, easy to clean, and stain- and scratch-resistant. On the other hand, heated floors allow for a spa-like atmosphere as well!

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