5 Popular Bathroom Storage Solutions

5 Popular Bathroom Storage Solutions

When it comes to undertaking a luxury bathroom renovation, storage is an incredibly important aspect of toilet and bathroom design. Bathrooms that do not have enough storage space end up looking messy and cluttered, which will ruin your bathroom aesthetic altogether. Not to mention, you will end up having to cut down on the number of things in your bathroom or make do without them, which can be quite inconvenient.

Therefore, make sure you have effective storage solutions planned for your bathroom before you begin your bathroom remodelling in Adelaide. To give you some inspiration, we have listed down five popular storage solutions that you can use in your bathroom.

1) Utilise the space under the sink

Do not make the common mistake of underutilising the space under your sink! This particular area in your bathroom can easily be turned into a storage option just by building a shelf below the sink. You could do this with something as simple as a single rack – or even add some vintage shelves for a more creative look.

If you are not a fan of adding shelves, you can explore other options, too. Store items in small portable baskets under your sink and keep them out of sight by giving your sink a simple fabric skirt. It is an easy and yet unique storage solution for your bathroom!

2) Hook things up

You may think that this a simple idea, but do not underestimate the power of a simple hook in your bathroom! Using hooks can help minimise clutter because you can hang towels, robes, or even caddies on them. If you have a small bathroom, you can save plenty of space simply by hanging a hook behind your bathroom door.

If you are wondering why hooks are an advantage over a towel rack, it is simply because hooks take up much less room. You also should not worry about hooks affecting the visual design of your bathroom. Beautiful, antique-looking hooks or even those in a novelty shape or colour can add some variety to your bathroom.

3) Draw inspiration from beyond the bathroom

Sometimes, adding bits of furniture into your bathroom from other parts of the house can give it a refreshing and interesting feel. Remember, do not limit yourself when deciding what goes into your bathroom!

Here are some great ideas that could work for your bathroom: lean a wooden ladder against the wall to use as a towel rack or add a petite stool in the corner to hold your toiletries. Another fun idea would be to bring a bar cart on wheels into your bathroom. The bar cart could act as a cabinet and the wheels will allow you to move it out of the way as needed.

4) Build in a shower niche

Do you use a whole range of bath and body products when you are in the shower – from soaps and scrubs to loofahs and conditioners? If your answer is yes, then you will need somewhere to put all of these multiple shower items – so why not tackle this particular storage issue by building a shower niche?

A shower niche is a permanent recessed shelf in your shower that allows you to use the space inside the wall as extra storage. It is also sometimes known as an in-built shower shelf. Get a shower niche built in and you surely will not regret it – it is a handy and visually interesting storage solution that can be used for bathtubs too.

5) Use creative shelving

Firstly, creative shelving in your bathroom will help provide more storage space. Secondly, it can add more dimension and interest to your bathroom compared to conventional bathroom cabinets and shelves. Built-in shelving, a narrow floor-to-ceiling cabinet, or pull-out storage are some alternatives to traditional bathroom storage options. Make sure to use all the space available to you, even in corners like the narrow area beside the toilet.

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