A buyer's guide to showers from Bathroomware House

A buyer's guide to showers from Bathroomware House

Showers come in such a vast array of designs that it can be hard to know which one to choose. They are also often bought as separate elements, which can make the decision process even more complicated. Try researching these basics to get you started.


Hand held: While perhaps not as extravagant as fixed heads, hand-held heads are practical for rinsing off the shower enclosure, children or even pets, while still giving a luxurious shower experience.

Ceiling mounted: These need plenty of room to accommodate their level of water volume and are especially popular for two-person showers, wet rooms and open plan showers without screens.

Minimalist: A specialty minimalist design is great for smaller shower spaces or to create an ultra modern look.

Shower columns/towers: Come with a shower head as well as additional body jets, usually with multiple settings. While they do offer a unique shower experience, they can be expensive.

Rose head: Giving the illusion of raindrops, this option is perfect for those who like a gentle shower. The spray is usually wide though, so may not be ideal for smaller spaces.

Multifunction head: These come with a twist function to alter the flow rate and pattern of the spray. Just remember that you'll probably be adjusting it with wet, soapy hands.

Single mode head: The most common shower head design, these are smaller than a rose head and don’t have an adjustable spray. They are affordable and rate highly in water efficiency.

Double head: Comprise of either an overhead spray plus a side spray, or a fixed head and a hand-held. These are very
luxurious, but not as water efficient as some other options.


Framed: A framed design includes a track that keeps water in the shower effectively but does require regular cleaning. They are also sturdy, affordable and very versatile in terms of design.

Frameless: Available in a range of sizes and opening both inwards and outwards, frameless doors give an uncluttered look and a feeling of spaciousness. They are also very easy to clean.

Semi-frameless: Combining the best of both worlds, semi-frameless screens incorporate a frame at the top and bottom for stability, but leave the sides open to create the clean lines that frameless screens have made so popular.


Today, even your shower grate can reflect your own personal taste. Not only do traditional circular grates now come in a range of different patterns; options are also available for circular, square and even triangle designs that give the illusion of disappearing into the rest of the shower space.

Whatever options you decide on, don’t forget to talk to your plumber to make sure your choices are achievable in terms of space, functionality and of course, your existing plumbing layout.