Basin Basics

Basin Basics

If you’re new to building or renovating a bathroom, you might find that there’s a greater variation of basin styles and installation methods than you expected. Bathroomware House is giving you the low down on each basic basin variety, from the pros and cons to the best type for your bathroom style.

1. Above counter: to really make a statement, you can’t go wrong with an above counter basin. Their boldness creates a focal point in the room that helps to identify its style. For example, a stone basin gives a natural feel, glass is more modern and a decorative ceramic can conjure up images of an era gone by. Don’t forget to consider how you’d like to mount your tapware (wall or bench top mounts are popular options), as above counter basins don’t come with tap holes.

2. Drop in: affordable and available in many sizes and shapes, drop in basins are easy to install in any type of surface or vanity. The drop in style sits with a rim covering your choice of bench top and will suit most types of tapware. These are great for a high traffic, family bathroom.

3. Insert: partially enclosed within a vanity or bench top, insert basins are similar to drop in basins, but as they’re partially exposed above the vanity or bench top, they can add an extra design element but with the same ease of installation of a drop in. A versatile style, you can find insert basins in both modern or more traditional styles.

4. Undermount: perfect if you want to let your bench top be the central focus of your bathroom, undermounted basins provide a sleek look that’s perfect in a modern or minimalist bathroom. They’re also super easy to clean, without the hassle of having to dig out grime around the rim. Just be aware that they can’t be installed into all types of bench tops.

5. Semi-recessed: semi-recessed basins offer the bold design statement of an above counter basin combined with the ease of installation of a drop in or insert. These are perfect for a modern bathroom style, especially where vanity or bench top width is limited.

6. Pedestal and wall: great for a second bathroom or ensuite, pedestal and wall basins make a smaller space feel larger by exposing more of the floor and wall. They also give an old fashioned or traditional feel to a room. Just remember that there’s no storage space under the basin, so plan an alternative using something like a wall mounted cabinet.