Choosing the right vanity

Choosing the right vanity

When choosing a vanity, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by options, from design and colour to all the accessories including tapware, bench tops and basins. But a little planning before you head out on your Saturday morning shopping trip will get the job done a lot quicker (and leave you with much more energy for that dinner party at the end of the day).

1. Size: Whatever the size of your bathroom, there’s a vanity to suit, from a compact or 750mm variety to suit a modest ensuite or small space, to a 900mm-1500mm variety for a fairly standard room, or even up to an 1800mm for the grandest bathroom. Just make sure you measure (twice!) before you set out and don’t forget to leave enough clear space on each side for easy cleaning or even a small tidy bin.

2. Your current bathroom: If you’re going for a quick tidy up rather than a total overhaul, take a few pictures of your current bathroom with you on your shopping trip. It can be easy to fall in love with something, only to find it sticks out like a sore thumb when you get it home. Consider not only the style but wall and tile colours as well. Some vanity styles will even let you alter drawer and door colours to blend with your current bathroom décor.

3. Theme: With so many choices of styles and accessories it’s best to pick a theme before you start shopping and stick to it. If you’re going for a traditional look, you might like to set your sights on a marble look benchtop with an undermounted basin. If it’s more natural, go for a stone basin with a soft, creamy toned benchtop and if it’s ultra modern, you could try polished stainless steel features with an above counter basin.

4. Function: Even your vanity can’t escape the age-old 'form versus function' debate. While you want to love the look of your vanity, you’ll love it a whole lot more if it perfectly suits your purpose. Remember to check out things like the number of drawers versus cupboards. Do you need lots of drawers to keep everyone in the family happy, more cupboard space or a combination of both?