Here’s How To Get Your Bathroom Summer Ready

Here’s How To Get Your Bathroom Summer Ready

As summer begins and the sun shines bright throughout the day, you may be thinking about how to bring some of that sunshine into your indoor spaces. Complete bathroom renovations in Adelaide in accordance to the seasons may be a little far-fetched however, redecorating with a few simple ideas can have a spectacular impact. If you’re looking to brighten up your bathroom for the summer months, check out these top tips to getting your bathroom summer ready.

Play With Patterns
Pretty floral patterns can often breathe life into a practical winter wardrobe and the same can be said for your bathroom. Instead of maintaining a utilitarian bathroom, why not spruce up your sanctuary space with summer patterns that bring fun and lively vibes. Patterned tiles can be great for your shower, while a vibrantly textured bathmat or colourful shower curtain can update your bathroom look instantly. Florals can be an obvious choice for summer but a bold geometric pattern can also refresh a tired bathroom with a new modern aesthetic.

Accessorise With Vibrant Greenery
Putting plants in your bathroom can be an ingenious way to refresh your indoor space. The bathroom is the best place for tropical plants to thrive indoors, so wherever you decide to place them can be entirely up to you. Whichever way you choose to use plants in the bathroom should be a reflection of how you intend to use the space. For example, if you enjoy relaxing in a bath tub after a long day at work, be sure to surround your bath tub with large tropical plants. Alternatively, you can also use florals on countertops or along windowsills to provide the same tropical effect. There’s no better way than to add a touch of the outdoors to celebrate this beautiful time of year.

Use More Light
Summer can mean longer, brighter days full of sunshine, so it’s a good idea to bring the relaxing outdoors to your bathroom. Natural sunlight can be the best way to brighten up a space however, a few design tricks with light decor colours, bright light fixtures and reflective surfaces like mirrors can help give the illusion of a larger, brighter and cleaner space.

Get Organised
Think of your favourite luxurious holiday retreat and you may end up rethinking the organisation inside your bathroom. One of the main reasons your favourite hotel bathroom is so relaxing is because there isn’t any clutter. To help bring hotel minimalism to your bathroom, be sure to replace any brand packaging with clear storage solutions such as storing cotton pads in glass jars, displaying your favourite perfumes on a stylish tray of your choice, or pouring soap into a lavish dispenser. Whatever you decide, getting rid of any clutter is a sure way of removing boring items and bringing joy back into your bathroom.

Summer can often feel too short, so there’s no time like the present to get your bathroom summer ready. Incorporating some of these tips can transform your space immediately and have you feeling like you’re by the beach, every day of the week. For all of your large or small bathroom renovations in Adelaide, approach the professionals from Style Bathrooms and get a free in-house consultation today! Contact us today.