How to beat the winter chill

How to beat the winter chill

As a place to relax and unwind and even catch up with loved ones at the end of the day, the bathroom has come into its own as a legitimate space to spend time in. But as the sunny days start to wane and chilly winter evenings creep in, it’s easy for your bathroom to lose its appeal as you move off to the cosier parts of your home.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, there are lots of ways to make sure your bathroom is prepped and ready to remain a place of relaxation and comfort at any time of the year. Now, while one of the most recent trends in bathroom design is to add a fireplace to induce moments of warm, relaxed bliss, we thought we’d highlight a few easier (and cheaper!) ways to get your bathroom chill-proof this winter.

1. Add a heated towel rail. New trends include individual rails that attach to the wall separately. You can use just one, or more depending on your space needs. Not only do these save on space when compared to a freestanding rail, the floating chrome ‘ladder’ effect created by adding numerous rails can turn a boring wall into an interesting feature.

2. Upgrade your hot water system. Do you know how old your hot water system is? Old systems can be inefficient, affecting the amount and consistency of hot water your shower provides. Newer gas heaters can have lower running cost as well as compact sizes to fit in residential units and other tight spaces.

3. Add underfloor heating. If you are considering a bathroom renovation, and looking to refresh your floor tiling, underfloor heating can be a simple addition that will literally transform your winter bathroom experience.

4. Install a fan heater. Bathroom heaters don’t have to be unattractive eyesores anymore. Fan heaters now come in white as well as stainless steel finishes and uses tangential fans to deliver greater heat output with less noise so you can still relax in peace and comfort.

5. Try a new showerhead. Why not consider installing a drencher? These generous heads not only ensure blissful water coverage, but many models also have impressive water conservation ratings.

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