Planning A New Bathroom?  Here's What To Consider First

Planning A New Bathroom? Here's What To Consider First

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house but it’s definitely one of the most important.
Today’s bathrooms are far more than simply functional spaces which fulfil a necessary purpose. They have evolved into peaceful sanctuaries where people can find uplifting respite from the ‘busyness’ of their daily lives.

But creating a stylish haven which offers a welcome break from routine takes careful and precise planning.
So, if you’re building a new bathroom or renovating an old one, here are some things which you should consider upfront which will go a long way to making your new bathroom into your new ‘best’ room.

Establish what you want from your bathroom
It may sound basic, but it’s important to establish exactly what you want your bathroom to be? Is it a communal space, used by several different members of the family or will it be a purely selfish and indulgent space? Will children or elderly people be using the bathroom? If you’re renovating a bathroom, what are the reasons behind your decision? What do you love about your current bathroom and what improvements or adjustments would you like to make?

The space that you design should fulfil your needs - both now and in the longer-term. You may not need a walk-in shower at the moment, but it may be worthwhile planning ahead when mobility may become an issue down the line.

Decide on the type of bathroom you want
Contemporary chic? Classical elegance? Luxurious Hamptons? A Scandinavian spa? Modern minimalism? It’s important to have a clear idea on the style of your new bathroom before you undertake any work, and there’s a host of resources you can access for inspiration. From decorating magazines and websites to online galleries of professional bathroom companies, you’re sure to find a bathroom design to suit your unique needs and tastes.

What space do you have to work with?
The available space will largely determine both the layout and features of your bathroom. For example, pedestal basins and wall-hung toilets are most effective in restricted areas whilst a freestanding bathtub and double basins require considerably more space.
Your storage options will also depend on the available space and it’s always a good idea to work out how and where you will keep bathroom products, spare toilet paper, linen etc. Cabinets, built-in shower nooks, shelving, free-standing baskets and so on are all ideas that you need to consider upfront.

If you’re planning a new bathroom, it’s also important to set a budget upfront. That will help you focus your choices of appropriate sanitaryware, taps, vanities, tiles (remember the smaller the tile, the more grouting there will be to clean!), lights, decor accessories (such as mirrors, laundry baskets, wallpaper etc), cabinetry, window treatments and so on.

What type of lighting do you want?
Bathroom lighting is very important. While a candlelit bath sounds peaceful and romantic, the reality is that lighting plays a key role in how well a bathroom functions. Well-placed task lights (for applying make-up etc), carefully positioned switches so that children can reach them and sufficient electrical points (consider one inside a cupboard to hide hairdryer cords etc) are all important considerations.

Is sustainability a priority?
If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, there are a range of ‘green’ options which you can consider such as tap aerators, water efficient shower heads, dual flush toilets, grey water systems and solar heating. These will all improve the eco-friendliness of your bathroom but they will need to be taken into consideration in the very early stages of your bathroom planning.

Planning is everything when it comes to a bathroom renovation project or designing a new bathroom from scratch. Questions like ‘who will currently use the bathroom?’ and ‘how will this bathroom be used in years to come?’ need to be answered, with the optimum solution being a seamless marriage of style and functionality.

Having an in-depth discussion with a professional bathroom designer such as can be extremely helpful and you will benefit from their experience in transforming ideas and budgets into practical and stylish solutions as well as benefit from their knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies and product innovations. WA Bathrooms has been doing bathroom renovations in Perth for over 20 years and has an established reputation for quality workmanship, competitive pricing and personal service. Let them help you plan your new bathroom with a 3D design by contacting them on 08 9468 9112 or alternatively, visit their website, for inspiration from their extensive photo gallery.