Renovating your bathroom to sell

Renovating your bathroom to sell

According to a recent article in The Sunday Times, bathrooms are eclipsing kitchens as the major selling point of homes in the US. The article quoted talk show host Ellen DeGeneres saying that as an avid property investor she always improves bathrooms to maximise her profits. So here are a few renovating ideas to get your bathroom bringing in those dollars.

1. Get back to basics: Ensure everything is functional. No leaking taps, mouldy grout, cracked tiles or rusty shower heads. A sparkling fresh room will make the best first impression.

2. Let there be light: A little light can totally transform an otherwise boring space. Whether it’s installing a sunlight, adding a feature mirror or some new spotlights, a light airy room is more enticing than a dank dungeon.

3. Keep it simple: No matter what demographic you’re selling to, individual tastes will vary, so keep it simple with the majority of items like toilets and baths and embellish with accessories, wall colours and decorative items that can be changed at the whim of the new owner.

4. Add a little 'wow': Try to add just one wow factor that makes your bathroom stand out from the rest, but select carefully so it doesn't date quickly. Something based on current designs from overseas is a great option as it's unlikely to have flooded the Australian market yet. Some of the latest trends from Europe include vanities featuring rounded corners and polished stainless steel to match chrome fittings. Take a look at these trends in our range of vanities.

5. Storage: How many times have you walked into a property and said, ‘It’s beautiful, but there’s nowhere to put everything’? Investing in a generous sized vanity as well as shelving, storage units and accessories will be sure to make potential new owners feel right at home.