Signs That You Need a Bathroom Renovation

Signs That You Need a Bathroom Renovation

Just as with the kitchen, the role of the bathroom has changed quite dramatically. These days, the home bathroom is seen as a place of peace, serenity, and relaxation. After all, we do spend time in the bathroom each and every day so it makes sense that it should become something of a haven in this fast-paced world where we can get away from the worries.

Are You Thinking About a Renovation?
Of course, bathroom renovations are very popular and a great-looking bathroom can contribute a lot of sales value. This is why, at some point, many homeowners seriously consider having a bathroom renovation. So how do you know when you need a bathroom renovation? Consider the following:

- Old and Worn: Because the bathroom is used everyday, it can get pretty worn out and tired looking. At this point, even cleaning it can be tough as the black mould on tiles and paintwork looks unsightly. Even if you’re not putting it on the market, considering a bathroom renovation at this point is a good idea.

- Outdated Decor: Your bathroom might not be old and worn but maybe you’ve just outgrown the look of it. If your bathroom hasn’t been painted or updated in quite some time, maybe it’s time to look at a few magazines and online sites about design so that you can get some good ideas for a new-looking bathroom. Not only will a new look make the bathroom into a relaxing part of the home but it can also add some pretty good sales value too if you’re thinking about selling up and moving on.

- Small and Cramped: Not every bathroom is large and spacious and this is especially true of older homes where bathrooms were just purely functional rooms that most people forgot about. If you’re sick and tired of a claustrophobic bathroom, the good news is that there are lots of amazing bathroom fixtures available that can really save some space. This means that you can rearrange your existing bathroom so that it feels bigger and more luxurious.

- Black Mould: Unfortunately, black mould is all too common in both old and new homes. It grows where there is warmth and moisture so it’s no surprise that the bathroom is a prime place for it. Lots of bathrooms suffer from a buildup of black mould because they offer ideal growth conditions. When you renovate your bathroom because of black mould, you can install extra lighting and ventilation to help prevent it from growing in the future. Add to this the fact that black mould spores can cause some pretty awful health issues and it makes perfect sense to renovate.

Get the Luxury Bathroom You Really Want
The bathroom has really taken on a new dimension in recent years. It has become a room for serenity, personal space, and quiet relaxation. If you’re considering any kind of home renovation, a new bathroom might just be the way to go.

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