Top 5 Cost Considerations For Bathroom Renovations

Top 5 Cost Considerations For Bathroom Renovations

When it comes to bathroom renovations, there are several reasons to plan your budget carefully. As with renovating any room in your home, costs can run away with you if you don’t keep them in check. WA Bathrooms offer their top 5 cost considerations if you are contemplating a bathroom renovation project.

Tiling Choices

With literally thousands of tile options on the market today, this may be one of the most exciting yet daunting decisions when it comes to your bathroom renovation. Do you go for classic, neutral tones, or bold, on-trend colours, or perhaps a combination of the two with a feature wall or tile border? If the tiles are in good condition, you could even opt to respray them to help keep costs down, instead of completely removing and replacing tiles. The finish on professionally resprayed tiles can last up to 15 years so this is a great option for those on a budget.

Floor Height

Are you wanting a thicker floor tile than you currently have? Is underfloor heating a necessity for your new bathroom? When you are choosing flooring, it’s important to consider whether the new height of your bathroom floor will be level with the adjacent room’s floor. If not, you will need to ensure the door threshold is appropriately updated to avoid any nasty trips over an uneven threshold.


When planning a bathroom renovation on a budget, keeping the layout and placement of the main sanitary ware the same will go a long way to keeping costs in check. Any changes to where items will be placed will have a knock on effect on the associated costs for amending the plumbing for each item. However, if you do need to change the layout to maximise your space, a professional bathroom renovator will be able to advise on the best layout for your bathroom.

Choice of Sanitary Ware

It goes without saying that the style and quality of sanitary ware you choose will have an impact on the cost of your bathroom renovation. There are plenty of simple yet quality baths, toilets and basins on the market, but if you don’t mind splashing some cash you could opt for some stunning items to really give your bathroom the wow factor and add some extra value to your home.

Finishing Touches

When planning your bathroom renovation, sometimes the little things can get overlooked. It’s easy to pick the big ticket items like tiles, sinks, toilets and baths, but what about towel rails, taps, mirrors, shower screens and shower heads? By going for economical choices on sanitary ware, you can splash out on some deluxe tap ware, heated towel rails or self-cleaning glass shower screens. These stylish finishes can help to give your new bathroom a luxurious feel, and no one will know you did it on a budget!

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