Your Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Your Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Ready for your bathroom renovation?

No matter how prepared you think you are, chances are you’ve forgotten something. And that something could potentially end up being extremely costly. But don’t stress, for we’ve got your back with our complete bathroom renovation checklist. Run through each item with your contractor so you can delve deep into your Adelaide bathroom renovations without a worry in the world.

1. Is Your Budget In Check?
With tiling, plumbing, fixtures, and fittings to consider, bathroom renovations can be costly. In fact, the bathroom is the most expensive room to renovate per square metre. Once you’ve worked out how much you can afford to spend, discuss the viability of your plan with your contractor. Keep track of all your expenses along the way and put a little buffer of about 10% in place in case of unexpected costs.

2. Do You Have Alternative Arrangements In Place?
Bathroom renovations often take longer than planned. Ask your contractor for a timeframe estimate and whack on another 30% or so.
Of course, you’ll need to have alternative arrangements while your bathroom is under construction. If you’ve got a second bathroom, consider allocating specific timeframes for certain family members to bathe. That way, everyone won’t try and hustle their way into the shower at the same time. If you’ve only got one bathroom, you could try to strike up a deal with the neighbours. Otherwise, you’ll need to stay with family or in a hotel.

3. Is Your New Bathroom Functional?
Although it might be tempting to create a sleek new bathroom in a chic minimalist style, it’s crucial to consider function over form. Even the most beautiful bathroom in the world will quickly become tiresome if it’s difficult to use. Consult your contractor to determine how you can arrange the renovation to be both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

4. Is All the Plumbing in Order?
The best bathroom renovations require as little plumbing work as possible, as that tends to be the biggest money sink. Keep your shower, toilet, and sink in the same spot to negate the need for extra plumbing work and opt for fancy new fixtures to spruce up the space instead.
If you do need to move things around, double-check with your contractor that the plan works with your existing piping.

5. Is Everything Measured Properly?
Even the most experienced tradesman could goof up a measurement, and that’s why construction veterans will always double-check.
When it comes time to installing expensive cabinets and bathroom fixtures, you need to make sure they will fit. Take a minute out of your day to double-check your measurements–it could save you thousands.

6. Have You Got The Optimal Tiles?
Redoing your tiling is a relatively cost-effective way to give your tired old bathroom a fresh new look. But tiles aren’t just there to look shmick; they have a functional purpose as well. Whether for the floors or the walls, your tiles must be mould and flood-resistant. Piping hot showers emit steam into the air that morphs into mould, while toilets are known to flood every now and then. Have a chat with your contractor to ensure your chosen tiles are appropriate for their purpose.

7. Is The Ventilation Okay?
Ventilation is another critical component for preventing the build-up of mould, and it’ll also work wonders at keeping unwanted odours at bay. You need to have adequate ventilation everywhere with a toilet, shower, or bath. The cheap option is an easily openable window, although that’ll leave you exposed to the elements. A fan is more expensive, though more user-friendly and effective.

With adequate preparation and planning, it’s possible to renovate the bathroom of your dreams on time and on budget. Run through today’s checklist with your contractor to ensure you haven’t neglected any of the finer details. For all of your bathroom renovation needs, get a free in-house consultation today with the professionals from Style Bathrooms! Contact us today.