3 playground ideas for kids

3 playground ideas for kids

Building a new home and moving in is exciting because you can do what you wish with your new humble abode (to an extent, of course - big ticket renovations in the future may require council approval).

It's not just the interior of your newly built home that you can add splashes of personality to. Why not revamp your backyard space as well?

An alfresco space is excellent for the whole family, particularly if you're fond of entertaining. However, don't stop there - consider some of these creative playground ideas for the little ones and turn your outdoor area into a space that encourages imaginative play.

Stack tyres

If you pick up some old tyres, paint them bright colours and apply a sealant, you're halfway to a creative outdoor play area.

You can stack up half a dozen tyres for a miniature mountain, create an obstacle course and encourage children to jump from one tyre to the next or fill a tyre of two with sand for an instant, brightly coloured sandpit.

Create a fort

There's nothing that's going to get kids' creative juices flowing quite like a fort.

You could buy a kit-set fort or pick up some wood from your local hardware store if you're DIY-inclined.

If you plan to keep the wood in its natural condition, be sure to add a protective gloss coat to protect the fort or playhouse from the elements. Alternatively, you might paint the fort an exciting shade, like magenta, red or yellow. Add some colourful chairs and a child-sized table, too!

Add a slide and swing set

If the kids are keen for a fun play area but you don't want to take up too much yard space with a playhouse, why not add a slide and swing set? This is a particularly smart idea if you've got a limited outdoor area.

These nifty sets can be picked up partially assembled from hardware stores or you can pay a little extra for a fully assembled version, delivered to your door.