3 tips for an accessible kitchen

3 tips for an accessible kitchen

A core room in double storey home designs is the beloved kitchen. There are some great ways you can spruce up this space so that you can spend less time organising and more time relaxing.

Dedicated appliances

Keeping your kitchen space de-cluttered will make cooking less stressful and more enjoyable - but sometimes you can go too far!
Rather than keeping all appliances out of sight, consider keeping the staples in a dedicated area on your kitchen bench. For instance, it's often easier to keep a kettle, plunger and toaster out so you can prepare breakfast or an afternoon cuppa without having to trawl through the cupboards.

Hang it up

On the theme of keeping often-used appliances at hand, the same goes for cooking implements and mugs. Whether your walls are tiled or painted, there are many options available to utilise kitchen space.
See if you have space to install some stylish metal hooks in the wall. Or alternatively purchase hooks that are attached to the wall with a strong - yet removable - adhesive.

Hang your favourite mugs on the hooks. If they're colourful, then it's an easy way to brighten up the space. Likewise, wooden spoons, tongs and serving spoons can be useful to have hanging on a series of hooks or on a rod above the stovetop.

Keep it clean

There are handy ways to keep your kitchen a tidy and inviting place, but what about what you can't see?
It's important to ensure that your kitchen is a hygienic space, too. Replace cloths used for wiping up spills frequently so you're not spreading bacteria over the kitchen bench. Keep an antibacterial spray on hand - just be sure to check it's compatible with your benchtop material.

The Department of Health suggests using separate utensils for food preparation and washing hands with hot, soapy water before preparing food or when handling both raw and cooked foods.