3 uses for your mypod

3 uses for your mypod

For many families, a shortage of space is a pressing issue. Whether it's a lack of bedrooms or inadequate storage space, it's easy to feel cramped.

However, with a new home building, such concerns can be allayed. A single or double storey new home building with an apg exclusive mypod in the backyard will ensure families of all sizes are accommodated for.

A mypod is a novel solution to lack of space. It's essentially like a granny flat, but it's exceptionally stylish. Decked out with all the essentials, you can pick a mypod with a single or multiple rooms. Some come with bathroom and kitchen too.

Set up a games room

Whether you want to entertain friends or provide the teenagers with a place to kick back and relax, a games room is great to have on hand.

By creating an entertainment zone in your mypod, you're setting boundaries where work stops and fun starts. Include a pool table, some decorative rugs and fill up the drinks fridge with delicious soda, juice, beer and wine. A foosball table doesn't go amiss, either.

Many people use their mypod as a living and sleeping space. Accordingly, these unique add-ons are designed with warmth in mind, so you can be confident the space will be super cosy for anyone playing a game of pool or watching a game of footy.

Create a wine cellar

Perhaps you want to have extra space on hand, but you don't need it immediately.

It's still a smart idea to include a mypod in your double storey home design. In the meantime, why not turn the space into an expansive wine cellar, if you're inclined to enjoy a zingy shiraz or smooth chardonnay?

You'll need to keep the space cool, so consider hanging heavy floor-to-ceiling curtains that will prevent natural light from overheating the area. Appropriate shelving is a given - it's up to you whether to go for built-in options, or something more portable.

Design a playroom

Many apg homes come with a kids' play room, but there's no reason why you can't turn a mypod into an exciting play area for the little ones.

Bright colours are sure to inspire children's imaginations, and you may feel more comfortable taking liberty with bright shades in your mypod, compared to the rest of your home's design.