5 Amazing Tile Ideas For An Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

5 Amazing Tile Ideas For An Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

Even if it's just a hot shower to loosen up your muscles or an impromptu spa session, besides your bedroom, bathrooms are often the sole location in truly affording solitude and relaxation. Despite being the most basic aspect of a bathroom, tiles are able to establish the ambience that would not only set the tone in a specific location but also tie together the look of your whole house.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom or better yet, design the very first look for your new home, bathroom renovations specialists based in Adelaide are experienced in assisting clients to create those Vogue-ready looks!

Now, anyone who has ever attempted to pick tiles knows how easy it is to get lost in the countless choices. To help you get started on this journey, here are 5 things you should look for in when selecting the tiles best fitted for you.

1. What Are The Central Marks In Your Bathroom?

Which part of the bathroom would you like to draw attention to? Be it a curbless walk-in shower or a free-standing claw footed bathtub, start by isolating the central marks of the bathroom. If you would like some variation, there are two categories of tiles you might opt for—main and accent tiles. Concentrate your main tiles around this chosen area to appropriately highlight the central pieces. It will be easier to select the ideal tile for this backdrop once you have identified this feature and mentally mapped out the space.

2. Main Tiles

Standing out would require a special alleviation that would boost chances of gaining attention. You can achieve this by selecting more than one type of tile that only complement each other but also makes for an attention-grabbing effect. Make this decision by planning out the particulars of the arrangement from types of colours–bold or neutrals, to a shape of the tiles. Bear in mind to consider even an unconventional shape like hexagon. This will prove useful in helping determine your accent tiles for both walls and/or floors.

3. Accent Tiles

Along with your main tile, you can then consider choosing one or two other designs that can complement it—also known as accent tiles. Contrary to the selection goals for main tiles, accent tiles are essentially used to enhance the effect of a main tile. So, some good advice is to choose a neutral or light colour. The same goes for patterns— try keeping to simpler or more plain patterns.

4. Tile Size And Perceptual Layout

Don’t disregard the indulgence of remodelling your bathroom due to a smaller bathroom space. If done right with the consideration of tile size, an illusion of a wider space than in reality may be achieved. When working on a smaller space, the general rule of thumb is to avoid choosing larger format tiles to prevent overwhelming a small space. Instead, smaller mosaic tiles for smaller bathrooms would improve spatial impressions. Similarly, go for medium size tiles in a medium sized bathroom and of course, larger tiles for larger spaces.

Experimenting with tile layouts—vertically, horizontally or diagonally, works wonders at creating different effects. Take this into account if you have any cabinets or shelving that you would need to work around, as well as any corners on the floor.

5. Add Texture

Finally, contemplate on including tile texture to craft a higher visual complexity. Add to depth and tonal composition of your bathroom with textured tiles, without the need for complementing tiles. Bonus point: Wood complements your bathroom well with natural earthy tones, allowing for a tranquil and invigorating finish. Skip or skid resistant tiles are also an excellent anti- injury choice that will help you sleep better at night if your home is open to children or elderly people.

Put your bathroom in the safe hands of Adelaide’s experienced bathroom renovations specialists, and allow the team at Finch Constructions to light a spark at the beginning of your day or during those precious moments when you take the day off. Big or small, we can help you transform your bathroom into the covetable look you have always desired! Contact us today to find out more.