5 Must-Have Home Features For Entertaining Guests

5 Must-Have Home Features For Entertaining Guests

Do you often enjoy having guests over for dinner, celebrations, or big holiday parties? If the answer is yes, then you need to make sure that your home is perfect for a host or hostess.

To create the dream home for entertaining all of your guests, you can make sure that you build in certain features when you undertake home renovations in Adelaide. From the kitchen to the outdoors, here are five great features that will make your home a huge hit when entertaining.

1) Sufficient seating options

You may think that you have enough seating space in your home on a normal day – but this may not be the case when you are entertaining! Offer your guests a variety of seating options to choose from such as ottomans, armchairs and sofas, or even foldaway chairs brought out just for the occasion.

If you have many guests over, they may not feel comfortable gathering in only one room of your house. Therefore, make sure to provide seating options in other areas besides the living room, such as the dining area, the open kitchen, or secondary living areas.

2) Powder room

If you have space in your home, consider adding in a powder room on the main floor where your guests will be. It will save you the trouble of constantly giving your guests directions to an upstairs floor whenever they ask for the toilet.

Moreover, a nicely decorated powder room is the perfect opportunity to show off your interior design skills. It also keeps your guests from having to use your main bathroom where all your personal belongings and bathing items are kept.

3) Functional outdoor space

Entertaining your guests outdoors is a must during the summer months. Both you and your guests can have a lovely time soaking up the warm weather if you add some extra features to your home's outdoor space.

A covered porch can provide some cooling shade, while also ensuring that your guests stay protected from showers of rain. An outdoor deck will give your home an air of sophistication, no matter how big or small it is. Lastly, a fire pit is a nice finishing touch – offering both a little bit of ambience and a whole lot of fun to your house parties.

4) Open kitchen

Hosting guests for a dinner party – or any type of gathering that involves food – may see you spending a lot of time in the kitchen. You could be missing out on valuable interactions with your guests while you are quartered off in a closed kitchen.

To allow your guests to still communicate with you and even lend you a helping hand with the food preparation, build an open kitchen. A beautifully designed open plan kitchen can be the highlight of your entire home while also adding to your house value – so bear this in mind when you next undertake kitchen renovations in Adelaide.

5) Guest room

A guest room would be a useful addition if you often throw parties late into the night or are used to entertaining guests from out of town. If you have the space, you could even build the guest room with an adjoining bathroom away from the main bedrooms – thus offering your guests more privacy. Alternatively, opt for a wall bed in the living room instead of a dedicated guest room.

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