6 tips on choosing the perfect flooring from the experts

While you can make changes to your rugs, furniture, wall paint and décor, the flooring in your home is one constant that will last you a lifetime and beyond. That’s why it’s so important to choose flooring that caters to your unique needs, lifestyle and personality.

There’s no right or wrong answer to the flooring you choose…it all comes down to what is the right fit for your home, location and family.

Interior Design expert, Kiara from our MyChoice Design Studio in the ACT has unveiled her 6 top tips on choosing the right flooring for your new home.

  1. First think about your lifestyle and family. Do you have pets or kids? You may want to consider tiles or laminate to ensure any accidental mess is easy to clean up. Where are the high traffic areas in your home – the rooms where the family spends the most time together and hallways providing access to bedrooms and bathrooms? To protect your flooring and save on the hassle of carpet cleaning for large areas, opt for tiles or floorboards rather than carpet in the high traffic spaces.
  2. What options are available? Consider all of your flooring options before making a decision. Tiles, timber floorboards, vinyl, laminate and carpet each offer their benefits and have a unique style to them.
  3. What budget do you have for your home and where does your flooring fall into this? Remember, your flooring is a constant that will be a part of your home for years and years…so make sure your selection is one that you will love for years to come.
  4. Opting for neutral colours in your tiles, Oak finish laminate or timber floorboards allows greater flexibility to change your home styling in the future. Each of these styles offer a neutral look that can be beautifully themed to match your overall home decor, no matter how many times you change it. You’ll be delighted with your decision when it comes time to transform your Balinese inspired décor into a hotel chic look.
  5. Create a nice flow between living areas through matching flooring. Use appropriate flooring materials for each area of your home, such as floorboards in the living hub and carpet in the bedrooms. Try not to change your flooring too much for different areas so that your home can flow seamlessly from space to space.
  6. When it comes to installing your flooring, always use a professional. This is the most used feature of the whole home and requires accurate installation to ensure you and your family can enjoy your investment every day and throughout the years. The best way to ensure the highest quality result for your flooring is to have a builder install it during the construction process. This ensures your flooring is installed accurately, to a high quality and that your skirting boards are fitted correctly following your flooring.

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