7 tips to transform your home into a winter wonderland

7 tips to transform your home into a winter wonderland

As the cooler nights start drawing in we are reminded that winter is now almost on our doorsteps. Be proactive and start making the little adjustments to your home to transform it from a bright and airy, summer feel into a cosy and luxurious winter retreat.

Winter may be dreary but your interiors don’t need to be gloomy, use these seven tips from the experts to easily transform your home into a colourful refuge for the cooler months.

Throw blankets – toss a soft cashmere or knitted throw with a geometric design on the lounge for a splash of colour. This will not only look great but the throw will be very handy on those cool, winter nights when you feel like snuggling up.

Plush rugs – don’t forget your floors! Bring a little colour and texture into your home while also instantly creating a feeling of warmth by placing a well-chosen, shaggy or weaved rug in your central living spaces and under your bed in the Master Suite.

Layer up – make your bed look even more luxurious by layering textured bedding and scattering plump pillows across it. Add a bed runner or throw to create a space that will welcome you at the end of the day.

Pick cheery colours – brighten up your winter woes by tapping into the autumn / winter colour trends for 2015. Awaken your living space with a pastel palette, such as peaches or tangerines, or create a mellow backdrop using charcoals, pale greys and whites and bring them to life with geometric décor. Earthy green and blue accessories are also an enchanting way to decorate your home this winter.

By candlelight – adorn your central living space with the light and scent of flickering candles to counteract the grey, chilliness of the outdoors. You can even place candles in your Master Suite to create a relaxed and cosy ambience while you are winding down in the evening. Choose pine or cinnamon scented candles to fill your home with a wintry aroma.

Maximise natural light – as the days become shorter, take advantage of the natural light still available by placing a mirror on a blank stretch of wall. The mirror will reflect light throughout your living space to leave it feeling brighter and warmer throughout the day.

Gather around the fireplace – rearrange and pull pieces of furniture towards your fireplace to create a cozy spot for the family or guests to come together in the evening.

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