Be a part of an inspired community on Facebook

Be a part of an inspired community on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best ways for us to share inspiring new home building stories and photos from our customers, interior design ideas, updates on new home designs, news on our latest company activities and announcements for the opening of new display homes.

However, Facebook is also a great way for you to tap into the experiences and insights of your fellow new home builders. This group of like-minded people share an interest…they are building their dream home and they are proud of it!

If you have just begun your building journey or are in the initial stages of deciding whether to build new, our Facebook community is a fantastic way for you to gain inspiration from others, ask questions, share ideas and even gain sneak peeks into other family’s homes thanks to the images they share.

“We often find that people in the initial stages of building are able to use images of other family’s homes to prompt their own ideas on how they want their new McDonald Jones home to look and feel. This is a great resource when it comes to preparing for your MyChoice Colour Studio Selection Appointment or even just decorating your new home,” Nathan Thurston, McDonald Jones Marketing Manager said.

For families who have already built one of our homes, our Facebook community is an opportunity for you to share the pride you have for your home with others who are now beginning their journey.

We invite you to post photos of your dream home and tips that will inspire others, just as you would have been inspired when you first started your journey.

Search and like McDonald Jones Homes on Facebook to be part of the community.