Bedroom tips: Five ways to create a relaxing haven

Bedroom tips: Five ways to create a relaxing haven

At the end of a long day, curling up in bed is the ideal way to relax before drifting off and getting some shut eye. Lazy Sunday mornings are also a favourite among couples and young families.

Perhaps you're looking at double storey home designs and are focusing on the perfect bedroom.

In order to truly relax in this space, it goes without saying that the environment has got to be right. Here are five ways to create the ultimate relaxing bedroom.

Fluffy robes

It can be hard to relax if you're decked out in the day's clothing. Instead, hang fluffy robes in a prominent position in the bedroom.

Not only do these look inviting and add a sense of cosiness to the room, but they're undeniably comfortable when you slip them on.

Cosy seats

If you're planning on lounging around in your robe, having a cosy seat or two adds a sense of decadence to the bedroom, while also being practical.

Opt for something that you can really sink into and ensure the fabric is lush - think brushed velvet in shades of navy blue, crimson or azure.

Mattress heaven

You'll be asleep for the majority of the time you're in the bedroom, so it's important this dream time is as comfortable as possible.

Picking the right mattress may require some assistance, but fortunately there are plenty of options on the market, from super-firm mattresses to those which are super soft.

One popular option that keeps both back support and comfort in mind is to have a firm base, with slightly springier top mattress.

Cotton sheets

When it comes to setting up a bed for the perfect slumber, the sheets are the icing on the cake.

High thread-count sheets have a super soft texture. Nothing says relaxation quite like crisp, white cotton linen.


Soundproofing goes a long way to creating a relaxing haven, particularly in narrow lot homes.

Even if you've got the perfect bed and a robe to curl up in, there's nothing less distracting than hearing the neighbours' howling cat or loud kids.

Your building and design consultant can help you determine the perfect positioning and orientation of your master suite to maximise privacy and sound management.