Best plants for Autumn

Best plants for Autumn

Thinking of ideas when it comes increasing the appeal of narrow lot or double storey home designs?

While an inviting interior and beautiful exterior are certainly important factors when it comes to having the perfect home, it's worth considering the rest of your block, too.

Considering the size and design of your outdoor space is all part of the process.

A lush garden can help turn a house into a true family home. With the arrival of Autumn, you might consider what plants are best for the coming months.

Western Australia climate

Perth has more sunny days each year than any other capital in Australia!

While sunshine is ideal for getting plants to grow, consistent watering is also required for certain plant species.

Perth's mean daily maximum temperature is 25.5 degrees celsius and its low 14 degrees during the middle of Autumn. With an average of 4.5 days of rainfall over the same period, Perth has the lowest rate, equal with Canberra, according to the Western
Australian government.

Why plant in Autumn?

While getting your green thumb going in Spring is a common choice, planting in Autumn is also beneficial.

Though plants don't bloom as quickly as they would in Spring, freshening up your garden between late March, when the weather begins to cool a little, and May with vegetables, flowering plants and even trees can be a good option.

Seedlings that need to spread their roots - think spinach, cauliflower and silver beet - are well-suited to being planted in Autumn,
Bolster up your veggie garden - or create one - with potatoes, garlic, onions and leeks.

Herbs also grow well, so pot some coriander, chives, parsley or thyme.

If you fancy something more significant, why not plant a lemon tree? Be sure to add some soft compost to the soil when digging a hole, too.