Building up: Save space with an apg breakthrough design

Building up: Save space with an apg breakthrough design

One of the hardest aspects of deciding to build a new property, especially if you're considering double storey home designs, is finding an appropriate price that suits your needs and the needs of your family.

However, apg homes now offers a pre-designed range of affordable double storey properties that have been refined through over 16 years experience in the industry to provide everything a property needs. Known as the Breakthrough range, these homes could be the perfect solution for your construction woes.

"Things have been running fairly hot [in Perth], with land prices continuing to go up," said Leo Callisto, the Sales and Marketing Manager for apg homes in Western Australia.

"However, lot sizes have continued to get smaller. So what's happening is that you're paying more money for less land. What we've tried to do is turn around and say, 'Okay, how can we maximise the use of the land that you pay for?', by being able to create larger outdoor spaces and basically bring the backyard back."

Mr Callisto went on to state that reducing the overall footprint of the property is the best way to maximise the use of land space. For example, building a four-bedroom, two-bathroom single storey property could be using up as much as 70 per cent of your land space, leaving you with very little recreational area.

However, by building upwards, you can effectively reduce the size of your property's footprint on your land by half, and reclaim your backyard as a fantastic place to raise children, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the lifestyle available in Western Australia.

"We've been building two storey homes for over 16 years. We know what works from a design sense and what makes a functional house. Our challenge was to take all that learning and design a home that we know is pretty bulletproof," said Mr Callisto.

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