Choosing artwork that complements your home

Choosing artwork that complements your home

Choosing the most dedicated builders Perth has to offer is the first part of the home building process, but when it comes to the actual design, there's plenty more to consider.

While apg homes has an impressive range of home designs that makes it easy for any family or couple to build a property that's exactly right, it's always nice to be able to put some finishing touches on your home. Choosing artwork to complement narrow lot home designs as well as more spacious properties is an exciting task - here are some tips!

Understand your interior design...

Having an understanding of your home's interior aesthetic makes choosing artwork a lot easier.

If you've embraced postmodern furniture and finishings in your living room or kitchen, paintings, stretched canvasses or sculptures that play around with unique forms and patterns will help complete the look.

A figurative painting in a gold-gilded frame would complement a home with a more classical design - think polished mahogany and dusky rose or olive walls.

...But be willing to be daring

Buying art for your property shouldn't be an overly restrictive process.

Just because your interior aesthetic says one thing doesn't mean you have to hunt for the perfect piece to match this.

While artwork that complements your interior design can make the buying process easier, you shouldn't limit yourself if you find a piece of art that really speaks to you.

Know the space

Found the perfect piece of art? There's one thing to consider before handing over a cheque for a stunning painting or breathtaking indoor sculpture - where will it go?

You'll want to take into account the size of your rooms and furniture to achieve the right balance.

If you're starting from scratch with a new home building, consider buying your artwork first and creating your room design around it.

Finally, get a professional to hang paintings so they're perfectly aligned and invest in a frame that will protect your artwork.