Colour psychology: Can your duvet and curtains influence mood?

Colour psychology: Can your duvet and curtains influence mood?

As any proud homeowner a will probably tell you in a heartbeat, there is nothing better than stepping inside the house for the first time and planning how to make it a 'home'. A large part of achieving this is through adding personal touches, such as family photographs, but the interior design and styling is a big contributor, too.

The colour of your curtains and duvet, as well as other textiles draped throughout your home, have the power of influencing your mood. Indeed, according to colour psychologists, each unique hue comes with a myriad of connotations that can directly impact the way we think and feel. In some cases, they even release chemicals of joy inside our brain. Say hello to dopamine and endorphins!

So, which colour should you pick for the textiles in you home? Find out the effects of each shade in this handy guide:


If you're after a burst of energy, this is your go-to colour. A study by the University of Rochester found that seeing the colour red gives us faster reaction times and jolts us with a bolt of energy, making it a great choice for a lounge or kitchen. It's also warm in tone, which looks lovely as a pop of colour in any room.


Perhaps one of the most versatile colours in the spectrum, blue can match most other tints and tones. In terms of the mood it makes us feel, the answer will delight artists and other imaginative people - it can boost our creativity levels. A study by the University of British Columbia found this to be the case.

Because of this, it would be a great choice for curtains in a home office, or the kids' playroom. Here at apg Homes, many of our designs include a large activity room that you can see for yourself by visiting the display homes during their opening hours. This spacious room would be a great playroom, where blue curtains can ignite the imagination of the children and get their creative juices flowing.

It helps, too, that blue is Australia's favourite colour. An international survey by market research company YouGov found that we Aussies simply adore blue - and we're not the only ones! Turns out blue is the number one loved colour in 10 countries. For those of you who like red, don't worry - it came in second place, tied with purple.


If happiness was a colour, it would be yellow, notes Colour Affects. Associated with optimism, this cheerful colour would be a great choice for duvets, accent pillows and bedsheets in both a master suite and guest bedroom.

Which of these three primary colours will you choose?