Contemporary vs Retro: Who wins?

Contemporary vs Retro: Who wins?

It's billed as the fight of the century: Two heavyweights of interior design going toe-to-toe, each looking for a knockout. The Contemporary style is fit and sleek, while Retro has a bit more weight and experience. It's not hard to see that this is a fantastic pairing, and the crowd eagerly awaits the starting bell.

Round 1: Cost of decorating

In the first round these two styles dance around the cost of decorating an entire double storey home design. Contemporary furnishing takes an early swing, showing just how easy it is to find in stores at a reasonable cost, while Retro is on the back foot with bespoke items weighing it down.

The round's not over, as Retro comes back to show it has an affordable side too, with many second-hand stores offering unique items at affordable prices. Points for the round go to Retro.

Round 2: Customise this

Both styles start the round off strong, as the vast array of options in Australian stores comes to their aid, showing each to be chock-full of options for the avid home decorator.

Retro shows some fancy footwork as individuality and hard-to-find pieces of furniture beef up the attack. However, Contemporary counters with stunning artwork and sleek use of metals and glass. The round ends in a draw with both styles equally represented on the scoreboard.

Round 3: Universal appeal

While each style has plenty of followers backing it tonight, it appears one in particular is fast becoming a crowd favourite. Contemporary styling is a runaway success, as it homemakers around the country applaud its ease of maintenance. Many also note that Contemporary is easily complemented by diverging tastes, while Retro tends to look messy when other styles enter the fray.

The round is an overwhelming success for Contemporary.

Round 4: Ease of transition

No one likes to mention it as two styles are duking it out, but it's incredibly important for homeowners to be able to transform their living areas with a new style once in a while.

Looking at Retro working the same combos over-and-over, it seems that Contemporary has the edge here, with a fighting style similar to Modern, Urban and Minimalist to name a few.

Round 5: Calm

There's no doubt, Retro walked into the ring tonight looking like a firecracker, while Contemporary has been a bit more subdued from the start.

It seems that in a lounge or dining room that's crying for personality, Retro would win the day. However, when you just want to come home and relax, Contemporary is the one you want in your corner.

The visual impact of these two styles is great, each favoured by certain types of households across the country. It seems that Retro has found favour with the up-and-coming fan base, while Contemporary is at home with the more established crowd.

And the winner is:

Unable to complete the full 12 rounds, it's a TKO in favour of Contemporary. While Retro put up a good fight, the universal appeal and ease-of-use associated with the younger fighter made it more suitable for decorating granny flats at the end of the day, as well as picking up some of easier-to-reach points along the way.