Creating a mini home theatre for the whole family

Creating a mini home theatre for the whole family

Whether you are just starting your family or you are planning your new home design with teenagers in mind, a media room can be the perfect place for you to spend time together.

If your single story home plans include space for a home theatre, there are a few tips you might like to keep in mind.

Seating and screens

If you want to recreate a true theatre experience in your home, the right seating and screen space is key. You may be planning to invest in a large flat-screen television, or alternatively, you may choose to use a projector.

Either way, mounting your screen on the wall can be a great way to set up a theatre-like experience in your home.

Seating is another area where you will want to pay particularly close attention. Do you want to cuddle up with your partner or the kids on a comfortable couch, or would everyone be more comfortable in their own recliner? You will also want to ensure that there are tables and trays available where you can place a bowl of popcorn or an ice-cold drink.

Surround yourself with sound

One thing that can really elevate your home cinema experience beyond simply watching TV in the living room is the addition of surround sound.

Professional technicians can help you determine which system is best for your needs and provide optimum acoustic technology for the room. It is wise to test out a few different types of speakers before you commit to your sound system, as this can help you decide which ones are right for your space.

Snacks and drinks

What would a movie theatre experience be like without snacks or drinks?

These little touches can make your home theatre feel like a truly special place, and can also make your experience even more authentic.

A popcorn machine can be a fun touch for your home cinema room, but alternatively, why not add a bar fridge with a selection of drinks, and some cupboards where you can stash your favourite movie-watching snacks?