Decorating your upstairs balcony

Decorating your upstairs balcony

If you're making the move into a two-level property, you've got some fantastic decorating opportunities available to you.

When choosing a double storey home design, consider whether or not you want an outdoor space on your upper level. Many apg properties come with an upper-level balcony, which can be incredibly beneficial.

Whether you want to grab a spot of fresh air, provide an area for guests to enjoy or simply have another entertainment area, an upstairs balcony is a great asset.

No doubt you'll want to decorate the area - here are some fabulous ideas to explore!

Hang baskets

First things first - look up and consider adding a floral touch!

Hanging baskets filled with bright blooms add a gorgeous touch to your balcony, whether you're after a splash of violet or a burst of pink. Affix hooks to the walls and hang a few baskets either side of the balcony door.

Take design liberty

If you're keen to explore new colours but are hesitant about doing so in more significant areas of the house, such as the living area, consider taking a bit of design liberty on your balcony.

Whether you want to paint tiles a bright shade or add bold outdoor furniture, there's no limit to how you choose to express yourself. Plus, once you've pulled off a quirky decorating job on your balcony, you may have the confidence to do it elsewhere in your home.

Add reclining chairs

Make the most of your upstairs balcony and add reclining chairs!

Whether you opt for classic white or brightly coloured chairs, these additions are sure to be welcomed by all family members. If your balcony isn't covered, make sure you invest in waterproof varieties.

Hang fairy lights

Finally, brighten up the area with some outdoor fairy lights.

This playful addition will make your balcony stand out from the street and create an intimate atmosphere for those who enjoy it.

Alternatively, you may opt for recessed lights in order to make the space seem as big as possible, while ensuring it's appropriately lit.