Designing a productive home office

Designing a productive home office

Sometimes we need to get work done at home - a deadline for a special project may be looming that needs some prep done on the weekend, or maybe you run a business out of your home. As the kids enter those pesky teen years and are swamped with more schoolwork, they may need a secluded spot in the house to study. For all of these reasons, a home office can be a blessing.

But let's be honest. There's the footy to watch live, or the latest episode of Masterchef to tune into. Working from home can end up becoming super distracting, especially with the comforts of calling out to you for a snooze.

With this in mind, there are some tried-and-tested ways you can decorate your home office to maximise your productivity.

Planting seeds for productivity

A study by the University of Melbourne found that looking at green plants for as little as 40 seconds can boost productivity levels and help our brains focus better. Similarly, a research report by design firm Human Spaces said that having plants in your workspace can increase creativity by 15 per cent and also raise productivity output by 6 per cent.

Place a plant on your desk, or think bigger and keep a large, leafy pot plant in the corner of your home office or near its window. For your desk plant, you can make it look pretty by using a glass terrarium and filling it with small green succulents. The kids might enjoy working at the desk too if you put some small plastic dinosaur toys inside, as a quirky touch.

Pin to your hearts content

A clear, well-organised calendar pinned to the wall goes a long way in helping you stay organised. Simply get a corkboard from your nearest homeware store, pin a large calendar to it and keep it near your desk to chart your progress. Colourful post-it notes can add some pizzazz to the calendar, as well as keep to-do tasks in your line of sight.

If you want something a bit more creative, paint an entire wall in your home office with black chalkboard paints so you can write onto the walls directly! Using masking tape, you could even paint straight lines in white paint over the chalkboard to create your own permanent wall calendar. Add to it with chalk and rub off each new month.

Chairing is caring

Don't forget about the importance of an ergonomic chair for your posture. Spine Health recommends choosing one that allows you to leave 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and the chair's seat, while you're sitting with your back pressed firmly against the backrest. Also opt for one with lumbar support near your lower back, and armrests for added comfort.