Designing the perfect home - the benefits of having a double storey property!

Designing the perfect home - the benefits of having a double storey property!

There are a number of benefits to double storey home designs that could be well worth considering if you're planning on new home building in the future.

For example, for those of you who appreciate the separation between public and private areas, a two storey home could solve all your problems. While retaining the downstairs area for entertaining, the top floor can be sealed off and kept separate.

Things like bedrooms, ensuites and studies can be put upstairs, while the larger, more traffic-prone areas such as the main living room, kitchen and dining room can be downstairs. This also applies to having children's play areas upstairs, which can remain messy and away from the view of house guests.

Furthermore, having a second storey on your property adds to your home's view of the surrounding area. This could be especially nice if you're planning on building in a scenic area, or somewhere where views could be appreciated.

You can maximise your back and front yard space with a two storey home by building upwards, rather than out. If the lot you're looking to construct your house on is relatively small, this could be a space-saving solution for you and your family.

Double storey home designs also have the potential added factor of being more environmentally friendly. A smaller area taken up by your home contributes to a smaller carbon footprint overall.

The upstairs area may also be easier to heat during the winter months, as heat rises. So while you're downstairs getting warm, the upstairs area will benefit from this during the cooler winter months.

However, it would be best to get in contact with the experts at apg homes before committing to the idea. Their professionalism and advice will go a long way towards helping you settle on the perfect home design!

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