Family have a great reason for celebration

Family have a great reason for celebration

Customer service was the number one thing that attracted plumber Dan Newman and wife Claire, a school canteen manager, to Celebration Homes when they were choosing a builder.

The couple, who have two children, had been researching builders and doing the rounds of display homes at weekends for about six months and were gearing up to build with another company.

“We made a wish list of what we needed and got all the plans from the different builders that would suit our block,” Mr Newman said.

“We were looking at another builder but they weren’t doing their job — their sales rep couldn’t answer our questions and had to keep coming back to us.

“We went to Celebration and their rep was able to answer everything there and then.”

The Newmans chose a Celebration Homes design called the Sirius, which was suited to their 17m-wide block in Butler and, with a few minor alterations, incorporated everything they wanted.

“The design suited our block very well with the layout and the width — our block is wider but shorter, so we wanted to be able to fit in a pool and garden,” Mr Newman said.

The study was transformed into a fifth bedroom for guests and the big living area and activity room provide plenty of room for the family.

“It ticked all the boxes — we were expecting to have to compromise but, in the end, we didn’t have to,” Mr Newman said.

The couple, who are originally from Worcestershire in the UK, had lived in three rental properties since they moved to Perth nearly four years ago and were keen to get into their own home.

Having renovated older homes in England, they were adamant that a new build was the way to go and Mr Newman said the four-month build went very smoothly.

“There were no problems at all,” he said, adding that he had been particularly impressed by the consistent pace of the construction.

Having moved into their new house in November, the family are very happy with the end result and are now adding the finishing touches.

“We would definitely build with Celebration again,” Mr Newman said.

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