Finding your Zen: Feng Shui for your new home

Finding your Zen: Feng Shui for your new home

The ancient art of feng shui isn't practised very widely in Australia, although there are a few places around if you want to learn. And despite what the casual observer might think, the way you practice feng shui in the southern hemisphere is completely different to how you would in China and other parts of the northern hemisphere.

If your needs a feng shui makeover, you might want to bring in a consultant, spend some time online or reading books to implement the tenets of the philosophy yourself. However, most of us like to tap into feng shui in a much more casual sense, using it to inspire our home decor and furniture placement.

Feng shui inspirations for home decor

At the very heart of the concept of feng shui is chi - the energy of life. What a feng shui consultant - or amateur dabbler in this Eastern art - is trying to achieve is a balance of elements to enhance the flow of chi throughout a household.

In many ways, this is a concept that isn't foreign to Australians. Our natural landscape lends itself to free-coursing wind and water, essential elements in achieving good flow. Home decor that draws inspiration from these natural forces could certainly bring harmony to your home, while toning down the other elements.

In a way, the five elements of water, wind, rock, metal and fire are all represented in our homes, through , outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, brickwork, stone floors and more. But sometimes it's nice to see these elements for what they are. So, next time you're at a decor store or the hardware department, skip over the fancy new plastic items, and find something that helps you connect with the forces of nature.

Feng shui inspirations in furniture placement

Again, this is all about flow. Making sure that positive energy can move around the home and the negative energy can flow right through. There are a lot of superstitions around luck that have built up around feng shui and the placement of objects.

However, with your modern double or , chances are the flow you are more interested in is the indoor/outdoor flow. This is an increasingly important aspect of Australian life, as we find much of our entertaining and everyday living is done in the alfresco area or garden. Making sure that your house feels like a home both inside and out is important.

To make sure the interior and exterior of your home gel together, make sure your outdoor furniture maintains the same shapes (square, rounded, etc) as your indoor furniture. And when considering the indoor seating arrangement, make sure to take into account easy access to the outdoor sitting area, as well as the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. This kind of easy flow throughout the home is what make entertaining a pleasure.