Home design for a personality: Busy Family

Home design for a personality: Busy Family

There are particular design features busy families should consider when looking at double storey home designs.

For a starter, building a new home that's got two storeys has many benefits. Split-level living offers more privacy while maximising lot space.

Splitting the space

Even narrow lot homes can be two storeys, with living spaces downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.

Many of apg's beautiful home designs focus on having children's bedrooms upstairs and a master bedroom downstairs.

For a busy family, this can provide the ideal respite for parents. With the separation of the kids' and master bedroom between levels, busy parents still get a chance to relax in the evening.

The sentosa home plan caters to this, as do a range of other apg homes, from the escada with its stylish tan-hued exterior to the luxurious monaco, which suits a 15 m block.

Drive on in

Whether it's picking the children up from after-school activities, getting the groceries or completing other errands, having a garage connected to the home is a must for busy families.

Allowing you to simply drive in and enter your home's downstairs living space, an inbuilt garage makes the process of going places and bringing items in and out of the house a breeze.

Depending on your lot size and shape, a garage may be accessed from the front or the rear.

Chill zone

Many double storey home designs feature a kids' playroom or media room.

If your lot size permits, it's really worth having this extra space. Not only does it provide an environment for the entire family to hang out together, it can also keep the children entertained while parents cook in the kitchen or entertain guests.

Having different spaces for family members to chill out in helps create a happy home with a relaxed vibe.